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They offer lots of convenience packaging as in bundles of cucumbers or bags of carrots rather than something that needs to be weighed. Extensive offerings with lots of gourmet or organic choices.

California on a Budget: Grocery Shopping

Not the lowest prices around, but good coupons and specials. At the moment, some grocery stores offer a cashback incentive for using reusable bags. This can be a good way to earn back some of your money spent. I freely offer up my opinions regarding life in the Golden State. I represent the experiences of one family who has lived in four different California counties.

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My opinion is just that — my opinion. Feel free to disagree. Your mileage may vary. Of course, make a list and stick tight with it, put on your blinders and stay out of those side aisles!

Definately keeps you in line then! I try to always use my reusable bags! Hummm guess its time to start getting some for his truck! I wish the stores would offer more of them for free when you buy certain items. Check out Whole Foods on the Weekend. The location in Tustin….. So much better than Costco. I live in Nor Cal and we use coupon matchups for a couple different grocery stores. I live in So.

They have one day produce sales and one day meat sales every week which beat out prices everywhere else around me i. Those are just a few of the items I have purchased in the past 2 weeks. I love the fresh quality of their produce! Hi, I am not sure where you live in Indiana, but there are two Costcos. They are around the Indy area.

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Jennifer Davis , That figures! Thanks for the tip!!

I check who has what on sale and compare it to what we need. I rarely shop the same place two weeks in a row. I run a tally in my head until I reach my limit. Great post! We live just north of you in Temecula, so I shop at most of the same places. Thank you SO much for your sites. Thank you so much!!! I love your suggestions and definitely agree with all of the above for California. I live near San Diego and cost of living is ridiculous. Anyway I can save money and still prepare healthy food for my family is always needed.

I use a lot of coupons. Clipping coupons and scanning the sales is time consuming but worth it! And they have lots of bulk bins for many items nuts, grains, flours, spices and more.

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We live in So California and shop at most of the stores you mentioned. The produce prices are amazing. I LOVE it. Definitely check to see if you have one near by. Produce day is the best. It also includes paper products! All whole, unprocessed foods. Eating healthy is sooo cheap if you know where to go and keep to a budget very important.

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I have a little hispanic store I go to for Queso Fresco, fresh tortillas and some breads. Mars Fun Size Demets Turtles 1.

Healthy Choice Steamers 8. Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals 7. Oscar Mayer Lunchables 3. Cash in your Quarters Sale. Honest Tea Gatorade Prime, Recover or Chews Banquet Frozen Dinners 4. Curad Bandages ct, Gauze 4. Suave Deodorant 1. Equaline Hand Soap 7. Pro-Health Rinse Pup-Peroni Dog Treats 5. Meow Mix Cat Food Pepsi or Dr. Popsicle Firecracker Jr. Essential Everyday can Vegetables Eggo Waffles Mars Fun Size 9. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mtn Dew 6 pk General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch General Mills Cocoa Puffs General Mills Trix General Mills Honey Nut Chex General Mills Apple Cinnamon Chex General MIlls Cinnamon Chex Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4.

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Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees Hot Pocket or Lean Pocket 6. General Mills Fiber One Cereal General Mills Fiber One Bars 4. Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Axe Deodorant or Body Spray 2. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant 1. Snausages Snaw Somes!