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Modifying existing coupons

Current Version:. License Type:. Privacy Policy. A flexible tool for generating, delivering, and tracking individual coupon codes.

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Click Limit by product or Limit by category to select items that qualify for the discount:. Offering discounts on specific products may also encourage shoppers to add other items to their shopping carts, as even small savings can result in big spending.

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You may need to change details in an existing coupon. To modify a coupon:. Here you can filter coupons by:. Filters help you quickly check what codes are used oftener than others, which coupons are active at the moment and which ones have already expired and more. In case you want to stop the coupon usage for the moment and keep it for another promotion, you can pause the code and reactivate it later:.

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  • Your Ecwid account. Ecwid Help Center Promote Discount and coupons. Discount coupons Most customers enjoy making great deals on their purchases.

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    Discount coupons are available on Ecwid paid plans. Coupon codes use the psychological magic power of giving to influence people to make snappier purchasing decisions. Just view your favourite eCommerce or WooCommerce websites and you will see how popular coupons and discounts are.

    WordPress coupon codes have never been easier to implement and can be a huge advantage to your company with the potential to shake new customers off the fence and into your friendly customer community. They can inspire extra existing customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a two way street.

    Generate Unique Random Coupon Codes - Random Code Generator

    By giving a coupon to your customers you are giving them something special in return for their continued loyalty. They save money and their loyalty will follow. The customer gets what they want at a discount and you get to induct someone into your customer community. You can then promote further discounts and or new products to them.

    Online Coupon Codes Generator

    It is a win win situation. We love to win! The statistics clearly show that people are wanting to cash in discounts online. They also show people love to save, put that together and you have a pressing need to find a new coupon code plugin. Never fear! We have collected the best plugins into a list for you. Offering quality discounts is a great way to ensure customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction in the long term.

    It shows you are treating your customers as insiders. We love this plugin for so many reasons. With thousands of plugins for WordPress it can be hard to find ones that are well made and supported that is why is it always good to choose an officially promoted plugin like this one. Coupon Creator Pro is one of the more established WordPress coupon code plugins with over , downloads at the time of writing.

    The plugin is fairly well maintained with a pro version that packs a few much needed extra features. In terms of the design, you are able to make your coupons look how you want to work with your business with a choice of borders.