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Read on for our recommendation for the best day to buy particular gifts on your shopping list. Every year, the focus of Black Friday tends to be electronics and the shoppers who spend hours camped outside big-box stores.

Black Friday bargains

Which makes sense, given that TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones often have the deepest discounts on Black Friday, and increasingly in the last year or two, also on Thanksgiving Day. Look for special discounts on home goods, especially countertop kitchen appliances like coffeemakers, toasters, crockpots, stand mixers and sandwich makers.

Some websites offer as much as 60 percent off clothing and shoes, coupled with any other coupons and discounts that may be sent to your home or inbox. So be sure to check your email — and the fine print of any offers or coupons — before proceeding to checkout.

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Retailers also often have free shipping, since products like clothes and shoes cost less to ship than many other holiday items. Of course, waiting until the end is a gamble though, as the sizes you need may be already sold out.

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For some shoppers that enjoy the thrill of the chase though, it could be well worth the price difference. One study found that nearly 20 percent of items on sale for Black Friday were actually more expensive than they were the week before.

Better for Building a PC? Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Deals

Claims Pay a bill. For your ride. Both retailers are expected to have fantastic online deals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so consumers should be prepared for earlier shopping than in years past. If you're looking for some of the best prices on electronics, there's no question that Best Buy and Amazon should be your go-to retailer choices.

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Last year, both had a wide array of low prices on home theater, home gadgets, and video gaming. Studying their past offers is the best way to predict what their upcoming sales could hold this holiday season.

However, free shipping from Amazon meant delivery of this massive TV right to your home at no additional charge. Likewise, if the television needed to be exchanged out for any reason, it's as simple as having UPS come and pick it up rather than having to worry about how you could get it back to a retail store.

It should be no surprise that, when it comes to Amazon's own Echo devices , it beat Best Buy on sale pricing.

The doorbell video service Ring, which was acquired by Amazon last year, was also a hair cheaper at Amazon. While Best Buy and Amazon are often neck and neck when it comes to online sales, one area where Best Buy tends to dominate is in the big home appliances category. Amazon, for the most part, doesn't focus on large appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and stoves. As such, it's pretty much a given that if your home is in need of any of these large appliances, Best Buy is one of your best shopping choices.

As we barrel toward Black Friday , we have a few predictions on which items and categories these massive retailers will highlight in their sales this year.

Black Friday deals 12222: the sales are already beginning

We predict that Amazon is going to dominate the home gadgets category during this year's Black Friday sales. Amazon has drastically ramped up its own line of home gadgets, like Fire and Echo devices. While Best Buy features these devices in its stores, it is often at a slightly higher price than Amazon provides its customers. We predict Amazon will offer tremendous pricing on its own brand of intelligent home devices, as well as discounting down other brands. When it comes to shopping for your home theater, there aren't many retailers out there that can top Best Buy's lineup and selection.

Because of its available line of products, including high-end digital projectors and massive televisions, we predict Best Buy will once again dominate the home theater category on Black Friday. Best Buy also offers Geek Squad Protection on almost all of its home theater devices, which features key options like having Geek Squad members come to your home to inspect and repair any failing electronics.

Video gaming continues to be a huge hit across all markets and we predict that this year will see even more sales and discounts on various video game consoles.