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Millions of healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the U. Our mission is to end the suffering of innocent dogs and cats by reducing the number of unwanted births. SpayUSA provides referrals to over 1, low cost sterilization programs and clinics nationwide with 5, veterinarians in the network as of Help us end pet overpopulation! Call us toll-free at SPAY Get Involved. A SpayUSA participating veterinarian is in your area.

Please fill out the Referral Form , or call us at for more details and to obtain the required certificate. Look for "referral form" on returned listings. Veterinarian Registration Join other veterinarians nationwide and become part of our referral service.

About SpayUSA Our mission is to end the suffering of innocent dogs and cats by reducing the number of unwanted births. We will not sell or rent the information you provide online to third parties. Please complete and submit this form to be referred to a low-cost clinic in your area. Male Dogs of male dogs to be neutered.

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Age s of male dogs if known under 6 mo. Weight up to 20 lbs. Female Dogs of female dogs to be spayed. Age s of female dogs if known under 6 mo. Male Cats of male cats to be neutered. Attributes Gender Unknown.

Tame Stray. Age s If known under 6 mo. Weight under 2 lbs.

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It currently houses dogs and cats. It was designed for In one of the shelter's viewing rooms, barks ricochet off the concrete walls like gunshots. Each of the 28 dogs housed in the wing, waiting to be adopted, has a typed biography slid into a plastic sleeve on the chain-link front of its kennel. The explanations of why these dogs have been given up read like an RSS feed of local economic headlines: lost job, moving, couldn't afford special food.

A card next to a pound Irish wolfhound named Ozzie says his family moved and couldn't take him.

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Chopper, a bouncy boxer-bull mastiff puppy with floppy ears and a sweet, russet-colored muzzle, gets sick if he isn't fed a grain-free diet. His family couldn't afford it. Grayson White hefts Raga's legs into two padded loops in his Eddie's Wheels dog cart. She slides him backward and snaps a metal strap under his chest. Raga's body shimmies and shakes as he rolls forward—he can't wag his tail.

Working legs or no, he's a great dog.

Oregon Humane Society: Home for the Holidays

I'd have given him up," admits White's brother, Kris, who lives with her and tries to help out when he can. Finances are on White's mind right now. She's offsetting costs by working as a canine dental assistant and picking up extra shifts at a self-serve dog wash. When she gets five minutes away from work, she tries to get home and relieve the dog's bladder and bowels, something he can't do on his own. Although Back on Track recently found a donor to offset the cost of many of Raga's physical therapy treatments, making ends meet is still a challenge for White.

Somewhere I can visit. Right now, she's more concerned about finding a pet sitter. She wants to fly home to Louisiana for a weeklong Christmas break—from work, from Portland, from Raga. So far, nobody will take him. I don't want this. This nonprofit boasts the only combination veterinary school and animal hospital attached to a shelter in the nation. Its maze of spacious dog kennels feature views of the trees and blue sky outside; cats play en masse in a glass-fronted room that looks like the Peach Pit in Beverly Hills, Owners may relinquish their pets by appointment only, while potential adopters can visit from 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm Sunday.

Check out oregonhumane. PPR currently boasts a network of 20 foster homes for Portland- and Vancouver-area pugs—dogs stay with their fosters until a home can be found for them, no matter how long it takes. The nonprofit works with local vets to get its dogs medical treatment at a discount and shows off the little canines at places like the high-end Bone Jour Dog Bakery in West Linn, hoping to find the dogs new parents. Visit pacificpugrescue. Run by a dedicated group of staffers and volunteers, this cramped Vancouver shelter functions as both a place for people to surrender their pets without an appointment and a depot for abandoned animals.

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Good news, the shelter recently broke ground on a much larger, updated facility. Although the shelter welcomes donations of food and pet beds, it also instituted a "Lend a Paw" program this year that gives free pet food to families in need. Call or check southwesthumane. Francis Lane, Vancouver, Wash. This is where Portland's abandoned, lost and stray dogs and cats end up. An outdated facility is warmed up by a friendly staff and plenty of excited dogs and cats. Clackamas' lost and abandoned pups get a new home this month when the county's Dog Services moves to a larger facility on Highway Adoption viewing hours are to pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Check clackamas. The Northwest's largest no-kill cat shelter calls Sherwood home. Find your perfect pussy from 11 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Saturday through Sunday. Check out catadoptionteam. Visit nwdogrescue.

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Bernards to ragdoll cats. We're all for animal love, but we're not for unwanted animal pregnancies. Think of the kids! To apply, call the Oregon Humane Society at , ext. Contact Animal Aid at or animalaidpdx. Grayson White plays violin and sings in the vaudevillian band Juan Prophet Organization. Though still lower than the national average, home foreclosures in the Portland metro area doubled to 0. Unemployment is up to 7. Grayson White is brainstorming a plan for her own family-style boarding home for disabled dogs, something that doesn't yet exist in Portland.

Last year 9, pets were adopted from the Oregon Humane Society—3, dogs, 4, cats and small animals.

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That's one of the highest adoption rates in the nation.